16" x 20"
acrylic on canvas
This is a good example of a basic single subject traditional portrait with a simple vignette background. Evangelina is in a traditional portrait pose.
A portrait similar to this on a 16"x 20" canvas would start at $600. 
Framing is not included in that price.  
Shipping charges (if needed) are also not included. 

I presented this portrait to Evangelina on Saturday, July 19th, 2008, her 80th birthday!...this portrait journey began when her daughter, Rebecca, brought me a 60 year old (wavy, faded and colorized!) photo and asked if I could do a portrait from it... if I had looked closely at that source photo and seen how poor the quality was, I might have declined, but I didn't... the challenges were great, but so too were the rewards... Evangelina was thrilled and Rebecca cried, saying I had captured her mother exactly as she remembered her as a little girl... a good day indeed!
Base fee schedule good through Dec 2011
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