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~Traditional and alternative portraiture of People, Pets and Places~
So, you're considering having a portrait painted. Well I'm glad you dropped in.
Over the years, my portraits of young and old have consistently delighted my clients.
I especially like painting children and pets, capturing the wonder,
joy and charming expressions on their faces.
The portrait you commission from me will become a treasure for you
and your family to enjoy for many years to come.
...and I do it all from photographs!
This makes the process much more painless and affordable than portraits requiring actual subject sittings!
I love taking that favorite photo you have and turning it into a family treasure,
 one that will be cherished for generations to come.
I encourage my clients to go through their photo albums,
 find one of those special moments captured on film,
and let me turn it into a unique work of art,
 one that can be proudly displayed in their homes.

A portrait makes an especially memorable gift and because I work from photos, it can be kept a secret, 
with the recipient being completely surprised and delighted!
Much of the process can be completed via email and snail-mail,
including sending me the reference photos, so clients from all over the country are welcomed.
I have safely shipped completed paintings to clients from all over the United States.

Commissioning a portrait is a simple and exciting process.
I will work from your photographs or photos I take myself.
If I come to you to take the photos, my travel and photography expenses will be your responsibility,
but in most cases, I can work with the photos you already have.
In our initial conversations we will discuss some of the details of the painting including
subject, style, purpose and size.

Once we have decided on the subject, style (traditional or alternative), size and price,
a contract to commission the artwork will be completed.
A 30% deposit is required at that time before I begin actual painting.

Completion time for a portrait varies based on complexity,
but usually will be completed within 8-12 weeks.
I schedule only a limited number of commissions per year.

Clients from around the country are welcomed.
Your finished portrait will be safely packaged and shipped to you.
Packaging and shipping costs are extra.
Portrait Price Schedule
 Portrait prices start at only $500 for a traditional portrait with a single subject, 11" x 14", on a simple vignette background.
Two subject portraits start at $900, on a 16" x 20" canvas.
Alternative portraits, additional subjects (people, pets, musical instruments, etc) on 
the same canvas, as well as custom background elements, will cost extra. 
Available canvas sizes are 11"x 14" (single subject only on this size),
as well as 16"x 20" ~ 20"x 24" ~ 24"x 30".
Each jump up in canvas size adds an additional $100.
Each additional subject/person on the canvas adds $300.
Larger canvas sizes considered based on portrait composition...Fees for an oversize canvas will vary based on complexity.
Framing is not included but is available for an additional fee.
Place (your home, favorite vacation spot, etc) portraits start at $300.

Base fee schedule good through December 2011
Payments are made to me through the safety and convenience of PAYPAL.
You can contact me at
for a free quote for the portrait you have in mind.  
I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to have a custom portrait done of your loved ones.
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