When a portrait is done in a non-traditional style, fees can get a little tricky...there are many different elements to consider..

 The portrait pictured here demonstrates some composition elements...it is an example of a two subject non traditional portrait. The subjects here are Lauren and the piano.
A subject could also be a horse, dog, different musical instrument, car, motorcycle, or ??? 
Each additional subject in the same portrait increases it's fee by $300.


 primary reference snapshot
I considered the background on this portrait to be a custom element. 
When there are different elements to consider, the fees will vary with each portrait, depending on complexity.
A portrait similar to this on a 16"x 20" canvas would be $1000.
   16"x 20" two subjects~  $900
            Custom background fee~ $100 (varies)
Framing is not included in that price.  
Shipping charges (if needed) are also not included.
Base fee schedule good through Dec 2011

acrylic on canvas
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