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acrylic on canvas
private collection
This is a good example of a portait commission done long distance. I met John at a cousin's graduation party and when he discovered I was a portrait artist, his portrait journey began.
He lives in Utah and entire portrait process was completed across the miles.
He mailed me the reference photo, a snapshot taken at sunset of him while he was vacationing in San Carlos, Mexico.
(emailed reference photos would also work)
In the background of his snapshot is the mountain, cerro tetakawi (goat tit), the majestic symbol of San Carlos and he wanted it included in the portrait.
The completed portrait was safely shipped to the client's home in Utah.
John was delighted I had captured his family's trademark 'smirk'.  
I love the vacation 'stubble' on John's normally clean shaven face.
This portrait would start at $1000 on a 16"x 20" canvas....one subject, with a custom background.
(fee varies on custom backgrounds)
Framing is not included in that price.  
Shipping charges (when needed) are also not included.
Base fee schedule good through Dec 2011