"Daddy's Girl"
acrylic on canvas
 This is a good example of a an alternative style portrait... the subjects are in non traditional poses with a custom background. A portrait similar to this on a 16"x 20" canvas would start at $1200.
An alternative style portrait often times is more interesting than a traditional portrait, as it is entertaining to any viewer. You don't have to know Elliot or Caitlyn to enjoy this little father daughter moment forever captured on canvas. This style is one of my favorites to paint.
The reference photo for this portrait was a snapshot that captured this little moment in time. In the photo, Caitlyn is actually sitting on her dad's pickup truck, but that didn't lend itself to a nice composition, so an old adobe wall was substituted. I love the shadows the willow acacia tree is casting on all of them.
When you're looking for potential reference photos from your photo collection, look for displays of emotion in the subjects. I've got a pretty
good knack for capturing those emotions. This style is worth consideration.
As well as being a portrait, it can stand alone as a figurative painting. Let someone special in your family star in an original work of art!
      Base fee schedule good through Dec 2011
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